Oenology consulting

Oenology Consulting

Oenology consulting from a single source - that’s my offer to you. Welcome to my website.  You can benefit from my experience of white and red winemaking, with a special focus on Pinot Noir. I can assist you at all stages of production: from product definition through vinification to blending. Goal-oriented, effective, successful!

It is you, your business and the wine you wish to create that guide my work. Together we draw up a product definition, taking all the key factors into account. That product definition drives all subsequent stages of our work. In the vineyard and in the cellar. Analytical and focused – the way to success.


Achieving goals jointly. I have many years of experience in grape production, vinification and blending – from which you can benefit. My approach is meticulous and goal-oriented. It is guided at all times by your product definition. Your success is my goal.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is my passion and my inspiration. Day after day I strive to give optimum expression to its complex spectrum of aromas. Extensive expertise built up over many years combined with careful selection of the most appropriate vinification techniques – and with a degree of intuition and creativity added in – are the key to my success.

Please feel free to contact me via one of the options below or by using the contact form. I look forward to hearing from you.


Albert Schamaun